Nowadays every wedding can tend to get a bit monotonous, especially if you frequent a lot of them! Here are a few unique ideas to make your intimate wedding day unique and different.

First Read

Before your wedding day, you and your partner write letters and read them to each other. These letters can be whatever you want them to be. Intimate words and promises that you want to make privately instead of in front of everyone. This also gives you a chance to have a brief moment together before the ceremony.

If you want to keep it traditional and not see each other, you can each stand on opposite sides of a pillar or wall where you can hear but not see each other.

First touch

If you would rather skip the first look, you can have a first touch. This can also tie into reading your letters to each other or even a small prayer if that is something important to you. Oftentimes, being together in that moment right before walking down the aisle can mean so much in those moments.

First look with parents/grandparents/father/mother

If you opt-out of a traditional first look between the bride and groom then try it with a special family member! Seeing the look on their faces when they see you all dressed up for your wedding before everyone else will be a beautiful moment to capture and remember forever.

Private last dance

The day is over, you are happy, a little tired, and you and your love sneak away to have an intimate, private last dance. The perfect way to end your beautiful day and a moment with your partner. Have your last dance as a newlywed while your guests gather for your exit.

Letters from your Bridesmaids/Groomsmen

Typically bridesmaids are people who know you well and want the best for you. Have your bridesmaids all write a short letter to you and either you can read collect them all the day before the wedding and read them or find time to read them the day of. You could even have your maid of honor collect them for you. It’s likely to be an emotional and special moment for all of you!

Dessert table instead of traditional wedding cake

If you are not a fan of a big traditional wedding cake then skip it! Maybe try a small cake for you and your partner to cut together and share and have a dessert table for your guests instead! Think cookies, cupcakes, and small intimate treats that your guests can choose from. Even things like a donut bar, chocolate bar, etc would be amazing in the place of a big cake.

Have a special Wedding Day Scent

Choose a special cologne or perfume exclusive to your wedding day. This scent will always remind you of your special day. You can wear the scent on date nights and anniversaries to always bring back memories of love for you and your partner.

Photo by April Chen on Unsplash

Special Photo for your guests

This is especially nice if you are having a smaller wedding (under 50 guests). You may need to have a photographer that’s specifically hired for this. Since your guests likely don’t get the chance to all dressed up too often, have a photographer set up a special area with a nice background for each couple or family that attends your wedding to have a professional photo taken of them. This can also be done in photo booth style and hire a photo booth!

Once you get the photos back you can send them out with your thank you cards. You could also have them for a “guests” section in your online gallery for families to be able to download themselves if they want! It’s a nice way to thank them for helping you celebrate your day as well!

Yoga Session for the wedding party

The day of a wedding can be a bit nerve-wracking but it doesn’t have to be! Take a moment in the morning to slow down and spend time with your future husband and your closest friends. Getting centered and connecting with each other can lessen those nerves and send you into your wedding day cool, calm, and collected.

Hopefully, you can use some of these ideas for your wedding to make it extra special and magical! Let me know what other tips and tricks you come up with!

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