Wow, let me tell you – this golden hour maternity session was amazing from beginning to end and I was in love with the scenery! Located at the very scenic U.S. National Arboretum in Washington, D.C. we were able able to venture through to a few beautiful spots. The Arboretum in D.C is MASSIVE and spans about 450 acres. Our main destination was the National Capitol Columns and it was terrific. The serene time of day, amazing scenery, and a gorgeous couple made the location even more magical.

It was nice that we drove through the arboretum instead of walking. Although it was beautiful it would’ve made for a VERY long walk. We were here in the fall but the best time of year for the National Arboretum likely depends on which plants you’d like to see blooming while you are there!

Our main focus was the columns but it would have been lovely to see more of the flowers bloomed as well. The location is gorgeous either way though, I could spend all day here if we’d had the time.

Brittany and Gordon were beautiful together and made it easy to bring out the best in them. This mama-to-be is a pro at all things drama – she was giving all the amazing looks and made it way too easy to make this session awesome! She’ll be due pretty soon and will have a gorgeous daughter to meet! I love a session where everything sort of flows seamlessly and the inspiration just drops right into place.

We began this golden hour maternity session right as the sun was starting to set so we got the best of both worlds with pure sunlight and the sunset near the end. All of us just wanted to sit and stare at the majesty of it at this time.

I am so happy for Brittany and Gordon and I can’t wait for Baby B to arrive! She’ll be as gorgeous as her mama (and spoiled as ever).

So much love, until next time!


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